Collaboration overview

Getting Started
Our full music production starts with a simple scratch track of your song. You can send us an old recording, a guitar/piano and vocal outline, or even a vocal only track. Around here we call that a “demo”.

We must make sure that your “demo” is in sync with a click track before we record the live instruments. If your demo is not perfectly in sync, or needs editing, we will do that for you for an additional $45. You can choose this option in our order form.

After the order process, you will be able to upload your mp3 demo and any other reference tracks to your account and the recording process begins!

Reviewing Your Demo
If you choose the second option of having us create a demo for you, the first step would be reviewing the demo we have recorded for you. Remember, this demo is not going to be part of the final tracks for the song, this is just a synced guide for the musicians that will be playing on your song. Try to sing along with it, and make sure you are happy with the arrangement.

Recording Your Tracks

After completing the demo stage, we will continue with the production of your song and update you after the recording of each instrument. You will be able to make changes, or approve and move on to the next stage of the production. We’ll do this for the drums, bass, guitars and keyboards.

Recording Your Vocals
Now that we have a rough mix of your song, it’s your turn to lay down the final vocal tracks.

We will send you full instructions on how to record your vocal tracks when you get to this stage. You can also use our vocalists on your song by ordering a vocal track from our website. When you are done you will be able to send them back to us.

Mixing and Mastering
Within 3 days of receiving your vocals, we will send you a link to hear the mixed and mastered version of your song. Upon approval, you will be able to buy and download the source tracks of your production and/or a version without vocals.

Go here for my rates.

Want to get started? Please fill in the online collaboration form here.


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