Fan Favorites

It can be a little overwhelming when you visit this site for the first time – so many links, so much information, so much music…where does one start? I have had some feedback from various fans, friends and family, and so far the top songs of the songs I have published on this website are, not necessarily in order;

1 ) Glorious Day
2 ) Water And Wine
3 ) Hootchie Gootchie Bye Bye
4 ) Sunshiny Day
5 ) Joy
6 ) Hopes Run High
7 ) We Will Rise
8 ) Sorry Babe
9 ) Lay It Down

Remember, opinions are like taste buds, everyone has them, and they vary quite a bit. One guy likes If I Had A Wish, and My Friend Jimmy…he is a bassist. You are by all means welcome to disagree and explore to find your own favorites. I hope, in any case, you do find songs you like, and please share them with your friends and family. to listen to these songs click here to go to the Music page.


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