new song and video hear the drum

Hear the Drum… do you? Well, ya know this is another that was in one of my notebooks and it caught my eye – after sitting there for some time. I decided to have a crack at it since it was a quick turnaround looking project. The song itself is pretty much a one taker vocally… I didn’t do much editing on the original words… I hired sings_4u and Paula off of Fiverr…so it was fairly easy from concept to liftoff. As usual I hope this inspires or encourages you in some way, I often find myself creating with the phrase Canit sibi et Musis in mind “I sing for myself and the muses” – with the only opinion that really matters is the Lords. Gods gift of music, the ability to write, the ability to play, the joy of dancing and celebration all confirm He is a good and loving God with our best interests at heart. ATM the next song I am working on looks like a political commentary, and the guitar part is challenging me quite a bit, hopefully I will have something up soon! Lyrics and mp3 are below video.

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Hear the drum
heres the drum
heres the drum
heres the drum
do you feel it
hear the drum
big smile
hear the drum
can you dig it
hear the drum for a little while
strong rhythm like a bomb
like a kiss yeah heres the drum
big fatty grant your wish today
hear the drum
can you hear it
heres the drum
don’t miss
hear the drum
cast and reel it
hear the drum
just like this
strong rhythm deep and wide
hear the drum now you can’t hide
and it just might take your breathe away
heres the drum
just bangin
just smashin
just fine
hear the drum
tub thumpin
cymbals crashin
cloud nine

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New Song! hear the drum