new song > You’re The One

up next is a song with some difficulties inherent on multiple levels…let me start from the beginning… a few months ago I ordered this Rogue combo pack on a whim, got it – tuned the guitar to open G, grabbed a glass slide, and slid into this song almost on the first few strums. I

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new tune > she

a kind of off the cuff jammish thingy…have been working on a couple of songs which should show up here soon, been travelling a lot lately – I hope you are having a great summer! she

a joyful noise

hola amigos! I do hope you all are having a great Spring! Myself – I have been busy on several fronts and thought it a good idea to say hey…or hola…or whazhappenin. First up> I have been working my way through Psalms and have been so utterly inspired in so many ways it is difficult

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Ever above my coldness and my doubt

Rises up something, reaching forth a hand: This thing I know, but cannot understand. Is it the God in me that rises out Beyond my self, trailing it up with him, Towards the spirit-home, the freedom-land, Beyond my conscious ken, my near horizon’s brim? GM

workers for God >

Christian service is not our work; loyalty to Jesus is our work. Whenever success is made the motive of service, infidelity to our Lord is the inevitable result. (Luke 10:20) The curse of much modern Christian work is its determination to preserve itself. Beware of the temptation to compromise with the world, to put their

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new song > better way

yikes – March 31… times flies when you’re chasing spies…I have been comfortably decoupled from many a distraction in the last month, and would have probably let this post slide into April if I didn’t have a bigger problem with letting the month of March go by without an update. I find the occasional break

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new song > island life

my wife and I went on a cruise in the Caribbean not long ago, we stopped at Belize, Cozumel, Cayman Islands and Roatan – it was quite nice (especially the price: $550.00 each including flight and food), not long after that our son Jesse spent his J term in Belize. Somewhere in there, between reading

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new song > i go up i go down

sooo just so you know I am not a real “blazing” drum solo kind of guy… my favorite drum solos are the ones where there is a band playing – or there are “exchanges” of jams between musicians… I have seen countless drum solos – and many are amazing feats of human dexterity – but

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can I get an amen…umm…break beat?

absolutely, and you will soon see why…but first let me explain. In case you did not know, ┬áthe “amen break” is a drum solo / groove of about 6 seconds long. It was performed in 1969 by Gregory Cylvestor GC Coleman. The song he did this drumming on was called “Amen Brother” and it was

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new tune > lookit that

“lookit that”, so yeah – this was actually before “oh my my” (posted some hours ago) by some hours, but I’ve made an executive decision to post more rather than hoard. To share is good – right? So I am sharing. I mean, if you think about it, in the grand scheme of things, throughout

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New Song! hear the drum