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“Heaven? Hell? Good or evil? HA! A bunch of fairytales!” She sneered. “Not worth much in todays marketplace. Listen here darling, wealth, power and fame… now THAT’S the REAL coin! That’s what is going to pay the bills!” I looked at her and shivered. “The cost? Well , let me tell you, I am making a very fair offer here… on the one hand you have whatever you want during your wonderful earthly life… at the same time I get something you don’t really even need, it is simply your useless little soul. Your soul is one commodity I can really sink my teeth in to! Sign this agreement with a drop of blood and whatever you want is yours!” I paused and looked at her. I had heard of the crossroads, but I was standing at the bottom of my stairs in the living room, ready to go into the kitchen. Where did she come from? Why do I feel nauseated when she speaks? Why do I feel like I need to run? My heart is like a triphammer. “Who are you?” I asked. She leaned forward and whispered hoarsely “Black Dolce.”

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