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This is a song I did some time ago… the drums are actually a ‘slowed down to lower pitch’ groove at around 65 BPM. Some minor percussion was added. Vocals were run through the Orange Vocoder. I did a lot of vocal emoting, but I don’t think I did more than a couple of total takes… only one for the lead. The synth I used is a saw pad from Sylenth tweaked a bit. It really is a gooey low end squirting effect. I listened to this in a car with good low frequencies and the whole car was rumbling hard. I discovered this video effect while working on something and I just found the whole vibe to be working well with the song so here we are…. we will call this song a rumination on the spirit of Jezebel. Which is best described as impudent, shameless or morally unrestrained.


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