Hello, my name is David Hill and I am an American musician. I grew up playing the drums, and have had the pleasure of playing and recording across America, Europe and the East. At present my time is split between writing and producing music, video and photography. I would have to consider the studio my kit of choice – and I have a residential recording set up where I do most of my creative work. I guess my work is known for its “old and new” collage of musical styles and influences. I write the lyrics, use samples, sequencers, hardware, software, live instrumentation and ….

Production rate/ FAQ

Rates for tracks for originals songs are quoted on a “per song” basis. To receive a quote, please send an .mp3 of your song and fill out my “Collaboration” webform. After receiving your information and listening to your song, I will contact you with an exact quote and time frame of when I would be able to start. If you are contacting me about video / photography services, simply add a brief description in my webform with appropriate box checks. Thank you. David Hill


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Latest News

05 Feb

new video > black dolce

“Heaven? Hell? Good or evil? HA! A bunch of fairytales!” She sneered. “Not worth much in todays marketplace. Listen here darling, wealth, power and fame… now THAT’S the REAL coin! That’s what is going to pay

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24 Oct

Things cannot look all right so long as I

Am not all right who see–therefore not right Can see. The lamp within sends out the light Which shows the things; and if its rays go wry, Or are not white, they must part show a lie. The man, half-cured, did men not trees conclude, Because

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08 Jun

new video > cold cold girl

This is a song I did some time ago… the drums are actually a ‘slowed down to lower pitch’ groove at around 65 BPM. Some minor percussion was added. Vocals were run through the Orange Vocoder. I did a lot of vocal emoting, but I

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07 Mar

What if, writing, I always seem to leave

Some better thing, or better way, behind, Why should I therefore fret at all, or grieve! The worse I drop, that I the better find; The best is only in thy perfect mind. Fallen threads I will not search for–I will weave. Who makes the

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28 Feb

new song and video hear the drum

Hear the Drum… do you? Well, ya know this is another that was in one of my notebooks and it caught my eye – after sitting there for some time. I decided to have a crack at it since it was a quick turnaround looking project. The song

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01 Feb

new song and video someshine

This song has been done for a while. I wanted to do a video to go with it but I didn’t like my original direction, which was more literal reflecting the lyrics. This Matthew 17:5 vibe ( While he was still speaking, a bright cloud covered

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18 Dec

new theme look and feel

… and welcome to the newest version of my site. I am trying to tie my online presence up into something a little unified and to the point, and decided as I did so to update this site with a more mobile friendly e-commerce theme. Google

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02 Nov

Thou knowest all our weeping, fainting, striving;

Thou know’st how very hard it is to be; How hard to rouse faint will not yet reviving; To do the pure thing, trusting all to thee; To hold thou art there, for all no face we see; How hard to think, through cold and dark and dearth, That

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27 Sep

Disguise of the Actual

Our actual life is a disguise, no one expresses what he really is. Job could not express actually, either before or after his suffering, what he really was. The ”great Divine event” to which we look forward is when the earth will actually

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08 Aug

Less doth yearning trouble him who knoweth many songs,

or with his hand can touch the harp; his possession is his gift of ‘glee’ (= music and/or verse) which God gave him. The Exeter Book
New Song! hear the drum