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Rates for tracks for originals songs are quoted on a “per song” basis. To receive a quote, please send an .mp3 of your song and fill out my “Collaboration” webform. After receiving your information and listening to your song, I will contact you with an exact quote and time frame of when I would be able to start. If you are contacting me about video / photography services, simply add a brief description in my webform with appropriate box checks.

Thank you.

David Hill

Basic Rate for most songs, doing a drum track, or music production;
4:00 minutes and under $300

Over 4:00 minutes
add $15 per :15 sec. increments

Price includes .mp3 playback, (1) set of changes to the track, and a downloadable .wav or .mp3 of the mixed stereo track after your final approval and payment of balance.

– All songs that are for more complex songs such as Orchestral works or soundtracks for film or video games are priced accordingly and require a custom quote. Please describe what you would like to hear in terms of interactivity with soloists, styles, breaks, general mood, reference works etc. in the “Collaboration” webform.

– TV and Film Cues, Jingles
All require a custom quote. Please describe all of the necessary information in the “Collaboration” webform and please include its intended usage.

One set of changes are included with regular service pricing. A set of changes is defined as a group of up to 3 points in your song of any length that you feel require a different groove, drum fill, rhythmic change or musical ambiance than what was recorded in my first take. Changes are usually made by “punching in” or editing as opposed to re-recording the whole track, unless necessary.

Please note that all tracks are removed from my hard drive 10 days after you have given your final approval of the drum track. If you decide that you require more changes within that 10 day period, the cost is $50 plus the cost of mailing a new CD or uploading the music files. If changes are required after this the 10 day period, it is considered a new project. Upon receiving your CD, please check that all files are in order and if there are any problems or questions, please let me know right away..

Additional changes (after the 1st set of 3 have been made). Additional change costs will be added to your remaining balance if necessary.
$25 per change

Alternate Versions

To record a completely alternate version of the track to choose from, quoted based on requirements

To make changes to the drum track and include the files of the first take.

starting at $300

starting at $250

(Request clearly on Collaboration form.).
Receiving Your Tracks

Sent by 1st Class mail to anywhere in the world.


Uploading .wav or .aif files to your webspace or to a private folder on my website for 24 hours

All CDRs and DVDs include:

a. A stereo mix of the track (with EQ and effects), and, as an option

b. Each of the individual mono / stereo track files (without EQ and effects) $45

Note: For other methods of return shipping please see links to calculate exact costs. For return shipping of formats other than CDR or DVD (i.e. removable hard drives) please check rates and include those costs with your payment.


Who owns the rights for the tracks?
You do! We record our tracks on a work for hire basis. This means that by the end of the process, you own all of the rights of the recording. You are free to publish, reproduce or sell your song without our consent.

What can I send you?
For drum tracks we need a synced track. Anything you’ve got! A simple scratch track of your song, for example: a rough guide of guitar (piano)/vocal. We also have received productions from others that were done – with the desire for remixes or re tracking of certain instruments, all options we can discuss.

Should my demo include midi drum / music tracks?
If you have midi drum / music tracks or loops in your song, we would love to hear it to get a perspective of what you have in mind. However, we prefer to record our drum tracks over demos that don’t contain midi drum tracks or loops. Sending 2 files (with and without midi drum tracks) would be great.

100% risk free!
If you feel that our music production doesn’t fit your music for any reason, we will refund your money the same day.

Use our drum / music tracks with any software or DAW.
Import our tracks to the starting point of the demo you’ve sent us and you’re good to go. You may choose your preferable WAV format up to 24bit, 96KHz to fit your project needs.

What about modifications and changes?
You are the boss. We will send you an mp3 preview after recording your drum track for your approval. Your first modification is free. Additional modifications are per the rates listed at the top of this page.

What about software and formatting?
Use our tracks with any software or DAW. Import our tracks to the starting point of the demo you’ve sent us and you’re good to go. You may choose your preferable WAV format up to 24bit, 96KHz to fit your project needs.

How do I upload my scratch track?
It’s easy! Once we have your deposit, we will open a password protected cloud account for you to upload all relevant files.

We accept credit cards Paying for our services is easy
Use any major credit card in pay pal or google checkout.

Email Me an .mp3 for quote

Song Critique
For a written critique including suggestions and helpful tips, please email an .mp3 of your song and state the genre you consider it to be in. Please do not explain the song in your email message so that my first listen can be without preconceived ideas. From my years of recording numerous songs and my passion for music (contemporary and non-current), I offer offer constructive criticism and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, in a friendly and courteous manner.

What do your video services cost?
A 1-2 minute video can cost anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000. It is important to know what your brief is.

What do your services cost?
A photo shoot is $300 for 1 hour, and $100 for each additional hour.


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