Hey all

I will probably finish the latest tune this weekend…God willing. It will be interesting in that it will be a tune with a drum solo in it…(I can hear the groans already)…well – don’t forget I am a drummer at heart, and it will be a short solo OK? 40 seconds tops…how’s that for self

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Only For You

I thought I’d experiment with a kind of vocal thingy – you might call it a falsetto, although I think the official description would be “óut of my range”…I think it scared my wife…she listened to it and said “why are you doing this” – I didn’t have a good answer. For now I’ll use

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Starlight Starbright

Well, it’s not like I have been idle… I received a new drum kit for our anniversary / my birthday – it is pictured below, you can click the image to enlarge it… I wanted to include it on a new song – and I decided to record the thing without any real dampening –

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New Song! hear the drum