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… and welcome to the newest version of my site. I am trying to tie my online presence up into something a little unified and to the point, and decided as I did so to update this site with a more mobile friendly e-commerce theme. Google (don’t be evil) doesn’t like old code so I obliged. I am a firm believer that despite the rages with the taste of the week social medias it still pays to have a site with ones ability to control every aspect. This also guarantees one won’t be banned, as currently the taste makers of Twitter, Facebook Instagram and co. all are banning and throttling traffic both known and unbeknownst to its users. Talk soon.

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drummer, musician, videographer, new media specialist, producer, imaginator

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Mark D.

Nice look, Dr. H! It was great seeing you a few weeks back; are you free the week between Christmas and NY for coffee or lunch or something? I’m chilling, mostly.


SEO Reseller

Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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